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November 24, 2009November 24, 2009  2 comments  Uncategorized

Kae Blahnik Presents...

Changing Faces Ball Part 2 "Lights, Camera, Action... A Night at the Oscars."

December 12th, 2009

SEED GALLERY 239 Washington Street, Newark, NJ


$100 Tables (seats 10)

URL to purchase tables (

Doors open at 6pm. Ball scheduled start at 8pm. PLEASE BE ON TIME!

Commentators: Legendary Father Jay Blahnik & Symba Mcqueen

Host Hotel is the Howard Johnson (Newark Airport) @ 40.00 per night.

Contact Kae Blahnik at


Women's Categories (1 womens trophy, 1 female figure trophy)

Face $ - You are caught in a carta war between Iman and Janice Dickinson. Which flawless face will get you your tens on the Red Carpet?

Runway $ - Gwen Stefani and Kimora Lee Simmons both have something in common... Their own clothing line! Bring the judges an original "never before seen" effect, and don't forget your signature walk!

Body - She gave em "body" in her "freak um dress", now show us how big your "ego" is in something FIERCE! You've got the "green light" to show us how much of a "diva" you really are.

Big Girl (hair, face, and attire) -You are the Dreamgirl of the night! Grace the runway with a gown of your choice. To get your tens... hair, face, and attire are a matching must and vocals are a dazzling plus!

Sex Siren $ - Tonight is the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. You have been announced as the newest angel. Do your homework ladies... because creativity is a MUST!

Best Dressed $ - You're on the red carpet at the Lights, Camera, Action Ball and LABELS are a must!! Rules have changed... You can bring labels from any year. Your either the BEST DRESSED BITCH who can't be stopped or YOU'RE CHOPPED!

Performance - For decades the boys have shown us how to get our tens. Now let's switch it up and give them a run for their money. The performance is up to you... YOU HAVE 1 MIN.

Shoe Fetish - Tonight is your night. You are being given the Achievement Award for Shoe Fetish. Come equipped with your entourage in "toe" displaying the shoes that have gotten you to the top. Must bring one boot, one pump, one sandal, and one surprise. Make sure the judges aren't sorry they bestowed this honor on you.

Butch/Transmen Categories (Butch 1 trophy, Transmen 1 trophy)

Face $ - Tonight you are nominated as Overall Face. Serve and destroy your fellow nominees to receive your Oscar.

Best Dressed $ - Bring it as Fonsworth Bentley. Don't forget your prop or you're chopped!

Body - Bring it as Sean Garrett. Will you have the ladies gripping on the bed?

Realness - Since 9, Lil Wayne has shown the world how real his swag was. Tonight it's the Butch boys vs. the Transmen! Real is the name of the game that we play.

Big Boy - At this ball, you have been assigned Rick Ross. Are you the biggest boss that we've seen thus far?

Sex Siren $ - Last year, the butch sex sirens we're not to die for. So this time we've raised the stakes. If the audience says you're sexy enough, you'll get the cash!

Performance - We don't want to see the boys vougin. So there must be only one other thing left. Pick a lady, and dance/sing for her to get your tens.

Sneaker vs. Sneaker - Show us the hottest sneakers for 2009/2010. Attire is a matching must.

FEM AG Categories (1 trophy)

Face $ - Last year Chali had the girls on their feet for her structure, Gorgeous had them dripping wet, and Madam Brown had a TKO. Tonight the award will go to?? The sexiest fem ag face... period. Anything goes.

Faggi Boy Fashion $ - You are a nominee for the faggi boy of the year award. Bring it as the artist of your choice and make sure your done to receive your 10's.

OTA's (1 trophy)

OTA Team Sex Siren $ - Its lights, camera, action; and we want to see S.E.X. Something Exotic and rated XXX.

OTA Virgin Runway $ - Your "project" is the "runway". 10's require an ‘out of the box creative' style.

OTA Hair Affair - We want to see colors, cuts, flips, and drama on your head. The theme is Lights, Camera, Action. Will you bring us an OVAH runway hair do?? You better... an Oscar is on the line.

OTA Runway Town & Country $$ - This category is very old school. You are the definition tonight. Old categories, old ways. To enter this category, you add $10 to pot, winner takes all.

OTA VIRGIN FACE $ - Pick a legendary face that you will serve under tonight.

OTA SWITCH - You had the best scene in 2009 and now you're being nominated for best switch of the year. The switch theme is your choice. Just make it believable.

OTA RUNWAY AS A HOUSE $ - Tonight your receiving an Oscar for Runway Production of the Year. You can either be a superhero to save the runway from eternal destruction OR an arch-nemesis to cause havoc at the ball. Whatever side you choose, leave a statement so we know you're here to stay! All characters must have an Haute Couture twist. 4Min Production a must! In Honor of The House of Blahnik's "R10" 10 Year Anniversary Ball.


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Changing Faces Ball Part II
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