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Tag - deluxe
Tags: icon andre mizrahi mini ball deluxe 
September 6, 2010
United States, atlanta ga , club 91 . 91 broad st atlanta ga

icon andre mizrahi


mini ball deluxe

the ultimate imternational show stopping vogue  teams battle 

grand prize vogue teams battle 

( $1200 plus pot of 20 )

         bq vogue fem captain  bam x milan 007. colors red & black.

fem figures captain honey mizrahi  colors pink & black

twisters captain ken allure. colors yellow and black .


u pick from 6 to ten members per team .make sure u pick the best teams its only one fem figure ,one bq vogue fem and one twister  team period.

          (fem figures vs bq vogue fem  vs twisters )  

        soooooo pick wisely from all states best members . 

your team a entrance 2 to 3 min productions .a plus not a must . up to u how u want your team seen at first . 


cateagories of the nite .

1, womens sex siren vs body two trophys 1 $.

2. sneaker vs sneaker ota one hot sneaker .$

3. butch realness. vs trans man 2 trophys 1$

4. fq realness that everyday pussy bitch vs drags next door pussy realness 2 trophys 1 $.

5. school boy vs thugs vs pretty vs exec  4 trophys 1 $.

6. womens face carta . calling all breath taking women .$

7. foot and eye any eye any season .2 trophys 1 $ 

8. beginners runway bring it in the name of your favorite legend not like them.$.

9. beginners vogue . bring it in the name of your favorite voguer . $.

10. bq body vs sex siren 2 trophys 1$.

11. big girls triology face realness & sex appeal.$

12. street wear vs high fashion 2 trophys 1 $

13. performance ota  the remix. do a dip then come back and remix that same dip for your tens . $.

14. fq triolgy face body and realness .the ultimate women . $

15. drags face  sitting carta face lite paint i want to see realness and pretty.$.

16. oldway vs newway in all black 2 trophys 1 $.


mini grand.1,

runway ota $$$.

the joker the look is on you ( the front of the flyer . ) $10 pot.


mini grand 2. 

fem queen face

. make me look like (janet ) bring it in one of her ova looks .


mini grand 3.

best dressed ota

all in white . last time to wear white make it hot .


mini grand 4.

sponsored from casper mizrahi  realness ota


he has been walking realness for ova. ten years . from ny to the south atl ga . 

he want 100% real . in red & black  no talking & touching got it good . 


mini grand 5. 

jaysetter vs jaysetter

 no more then 5 per team . because winning group get a round trip tkt to la for americas next best dance crew. auditions . paid air fair and hotel for 5 people .


place club 91  

old palace nite club . 


all nite $20.

 khans weekend.

all kahns  get in half price.

and all winners

get in half price two .

tables $50 coins each . 

info andre mizrahi

. 404 914 4449 .


doors open

at 10pm . ball start 12am. bar close 3am . 

come in peace or leave in peaces.

fulton county  jail




just in case u act up .






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